Our fees and turnaround time for any size project are competitive. Our rates depend on “word” basis , however , should any client wishes to have the fees on the page basis , we can satisfy their request. Our fees on page basis will be on the basis of a size “A4” page including not more than “250 words” for the Arabic and English languages and size “A4” page including not more than “200 words” for the other languages.
However , there are many factors to be considered in deciding our fees , including the following , as examples without being limited to :
  • Volume of work,
  • Nature of  material,
  • Turnaround time,
  • Source & target languages.
  • Legalized or white-paper translation.
  • Urgent or ordinary order.
  • Notes : 
  • Number of words will be calculated as per computer count.
  • All kinds of certificates will be considered as 250 words in minimum.

Just call us to provide you with our reasonable fees.

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