Editing / Proofreading
ASTT & ASTL provide editing & proofreading services for large and small documents.
Editing focuses on terminology. Our editors will check for overall readability, clarity, flow and consistency of the text, focusing on improving the accuracy of the language. Editing applies to all types of documents, including technical/scientific papers and arts/humanities documents. Editing requires a very good command of the target language as well as an extensive knowledge of the culture where this language is being spoken.
Proofreading on the other hand, focuses more on correcting grammatical, syntax and spelling errors. Proofreaders also check for punctuation, typos and obvious errors in the text. Proofreading usually takes place after the documents have been meticulously edited to catch any missed errors.
As part of our Quality Assurance (QA) Process, ASTT & ASTL always deliver the translated documents after editing and/or proofreading, as necessary.
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