Simultaneous Interpretation
If you are holding a bilingual or multilingual conference or event and need a foreign-language interpreter, our interpreters can help you break through any language barrier. ASTT & ASTL have been in this business for so many years and have helped hundreds of meeting planners and event coordinators with our interpretation solutions.
We are competent and well-experienced in providing simultaneous interpreters and rental of interpretation equipment for conferences, forums, seminars and other local, regional and international events. This is in addition to the consecutive interpretation services for the court hearing sessions, arbitration sessions, and other business meetings. They can also help you make conference telephone calls overseas.
Our Equipment for Conferences and Exhibitions Include:
  • Simultaneous Interpretation equipment: Including soundproof cabins, headsets (15 channels), microphones, and the transmission equipment.
  • The Audiovisual Equipment: Such as sound amplifiers, headsets, recording systems, LCD screens, plasma screens, high precision projection equipment, in addition to photo and video cameras.
  • Desktop and laptop computers, with installation and management of the wiry and wireless networks for the recording systems, in addition to the printers, scanners, and bar code scanners as well as other IT equipment.
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