Technical Equipment & Supplies
Technical Equipment and Supplies:
The modern and digital equipment have become sine qua non in performing the simultaneous interpretation. Such equipment shall provide high quality performance to transmit a clear sound free from interference to the audience. Our equipment can manage and transmit (15) fifteen languages at a time.  Our team of interpreters and technicians are well qualified to face all the challenges. The technical work team estimates the requirements of each event separately then executes what is required. Furthermore, our team of interpreters is well trained to use the available  state of the art digital equipment.
Our Equipment for Conferences Include:
  • Simultaneous Interpretation  equipment: Including soundproof cabins, headsets (15 channels), microphones, and the transmission equipment.
  • The Audiovisual Equipment: Such as sound amplifiers, headsets, recording systems , LCD screens, plasma screens , high precision projection equipment, in addition to photo and video cameras.
  • Desktop and laptop computers, with installation and management of the wiry and wireless networks for the recording systems, in addition to the printers, scanners, and bar code scanners as well as  other IT equipment.
  • Security and Safety Equipment: which include the mobile metal detectors, the x-rays scanners for checking the baggage and the other security systems . 
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