Most common translation services offered are explained below:
Legal Translations: (Contracts, Patents, Agreements, court cases, etc.)
Legal Translations require special attention as law requires translators with excellent legal knowledge of both target and source cultures. 
Medical Translations: (Medical Records, Manuals for medical equipment and medical books).
Medical translations are specialized translations and any mistranslations may have serious consequences. Therefore, when assigning a medical translation, we only use translators who enjoy extensive medical experience.
Technical Translations: (IT, Mechanical, Engineering, Manufacturing)
Translations may include manuals, instructions, user guides, etc. Translators who will carry out these translations are university graduates or engineers who enjoy extensive knowledge in this field due to their professional background.
Tourism Translations: (Hotels, Flyers, Itineraries, etc.)
Tourism translations require special writing skills and extensive travel experience and understanding of other cultures. For tourism translations, we prefer to use translators who work/have worked in Travel & Hospitality fields, translators who lived in various countries and have been exposed to various cultures as well as linguists with artistic writing skills. 
Financial Translations: (Bank Statements, company balance sheets, Insurance Policies, Stocks, Bonds, etc.)
Translators who carry out financial translations have extensive financial knowledge in the country of the target language.
Literary Translations: (Novels, poems, books, articles, etc.)
Literary translations are considered the highest form of translation as this field requires the translator not only to translate content, but also feelings, cultural nuances, humor, moods, etc. 
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